Monday, June 30, 2003

Meeting Dean

What happens when you meet someone who perfectly carries persona of a life-size character from literature? I experienced the sensation this past weekend out in NYC - I met Dean Moriarty in the flesh, Kerouac's mythic "hero" and traveling companion through his classic novel "On the Road." Dean-in-the-flesh is a friend of a friend met while studying abroad in Milan, a Texan with antics as big as his home state, a well-traveled, well-worn, shaggy-haired beanpole of a man whose escapades are legendary across three continents. Charming, witty, and uninhibited, Dean-in-the-flesh could drink the winds down, dance up a storm, play a mean Axel in Guns-N-Roses air guitar splendor, and exhibit himself in the cleverest forms (smashed rats and telling time with various parts of the body) - all for life, all for love of the moment and the experiences that are real and never return from the moments passing.
I'm not certain that Dean-in-the-flesh understood the significance of his association, but it is part of the persona - living temporally as if the last breath was certainly the next and stretching existence to its undiscovered limits. This was the point of Dean's character for Kerouac, and it is certain of Dean's impressions on Jack when seeing someone embody this "beauty in fulling living" philosophy; I was mesmerized and enthralled that life could be lived to such great heights. Dean-in-the-flesh was extraordinary and necessary to appreciate, a reminder of what it is be in this world.

Friday, June 27, 2003

Notice design

Have you ever wondered why certain objects are built in the form in which they are built? In modern industrial societies, there is probably someone who has thought about how you use that knife or that computer monitor or that chair in which you sit. Most of the effort goes unnoticed, unless you actually think about how you interact with those objects and their roles in your life and lifestyle.
Next time that you are wandering the streets, gazing aimlessly at work, or going out to meet some friends for a drink, look around and think about what it took to assemble the space and things around you - you may be surprised at what you notice...

Thursday, June 26, 2003

Hot Across America

Perhaps it was too soon to claim the never-starting summer in New York; the heat has arrived in full force. It would be nice to think that it would only hang on the east coast, but it has moved steathily across the country, settling also over California. San Francisco has been experiencing temperatures in the 90's Farenheit (~33 degress Celsius), a blinding heat that draws fissions in the streets from which Hades can jump out of the ground in shimmering waves. I can only imagine the tasty smells emanating from the subway stations across coastlines in Manhattan, whose notorious urine stench (among other pungent remnants) clings to hot days like waves to the ocean. The never-starting summer has more than arrived and is trying to make up for lost time...