Monday, March 06, 2006

Oscar hang-over

As I sit in my office on a Monday morning, anticipating the avalance of action items, meetings, and travel appointments to thunder down upon my head, I cannot help but think back just 12 hours earlier when I curled up on the couch to watch the Oscars. Professedly, this was never quite a part of my routine, to sit and watch typical primtime fare on television (other activites used to take precedence in my single life). But now that I am in a more serious relationship, these activities are becoming habitual. In fact, for the first time in my adult life, I even watch a television show on a regular basis (anyone else watch Grey's Anatomy on Sunday evenings?).

Anyway, I become distracted with the slowly moving avalanche - out of the email replies and back into the title of this blog entry - Oscar hang-over! Last night, seeing all those women of film and the arts prancing in stunning evening gowns and bejeweled with the best that modern jewelers can muster, I can only think about how far away from that life that I am. In the safety of my own home, I witnessed the spectacle in high-definition television (you can see just how well that starlet make-up artists apply their craft on Hollywood's most gravity-defying deities) and wondered aloud how much one dress cost as opposed to another - and who looked better than the rest. This morning, I cannot remember so much except that Philip Seymour Hoffman deservedly won an Oscar (I think he is a brilliant actor - watch anything that he has been in) and I am having an Oscar hang-over considering my weekly routine is overcoming me and becoming anything but glamorous. Still, my newfound habits with girlfriend in tow and weekday dinners at home are quite satisfying and probably feel a whole lot better than the real hang-overs that the stars will be feeling this morning scattered about the Los Angeles basin and wherever their crazy parties took them last night. I guess that perspective is helpful when the glitz and glamour blind all other considerations.