Thursday, August 27, 2009

Long time, no talk

It seemed appropriate to drop a note on myself, being that it is August and I have not written a blog posting since the passing of our dog Rose over two months ago. See how things are going, update the happenings of a busy summer. Sitting in the atrium of the National Portrait Gallery was inspiring enough to make such a note all the more agreeable to craft, as my schedule has been too energy-sapping to allow for such reflection. There has been the home improvement which led to substantive re-decoration - the townhouse feels like a different residence. There has been the work project which led to a corporate venturing exercise - the job feels like a different occupation, which I suppose prompted the promotion. There has been the quietude of a house without the furry friend, which has almost led to a new dog but not quite (Rose is irreplaceable, after all).

There has been all these things and seemingly more that I cannot recount for the moment. But beneath it all, there is a clear feeling that life is bursting with all the promise of what living can be in the best of days - I am living it now. More living than chronicling it, quite true, but I do not necessarily mind the interruption from writing. And if I listen hard enough, over the American classics like Billie Holiday, Muddy Waters, and Frank Sinatra that lilt through the air of the Robert and Arlene Kogod Courtyard, I can hear the creative waters rushing through the inner recesses of my mind. Some day, I imagine a life where those creative waters will come gushing out on something more meaningful than a random blog posting, but that time will come when that time does come. In the meantime, I can attempt to realize something more than a quick missive every two months or so.