Wednesday, September 30, 2009


Hello - today is the last day of September. I always thought this was a special day, not because of a friend's birthday or some holiday celebration but because it has typically signified the turning of a page, the changing of a season. So appropriate, then, that the weather suited itself with its calendar "age" and dressed the day in a cloak of misty sunshine with a low-60's temperature. Fall felt as imminent as the first day of October always signified to me, the march towards Halloween, Thanksgiving, Hanukah, Christmas, Kwanzaa, New Year's, winter hybernation. But always, it started with that last day in September.

What caused this rumination was the fact that I had not written for ages again and was reminded of this fact by those who curiously inquired as to when the next missive would pop up on the web. Since it was the last day of September, and autumn often drifted towards reflection in my youth - after the freshness of school wore off, of course. All these feelings came together on a lovely day to remember this passage of time with a few words as to a symbolically significant day.

Of course, every day is significant, as I am reminded when I finally shed the shackles of sleepiness (such not a morning person am I), but today is as good as any day to jot a few notes before hopping off to work. A few deliverables and a long drive await, but I have this crisp fall day to enjoy while it lasts