Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Hello Goodbye

This happens every time - weeks on end and nothing to write. Then, a mental reminder goads my hands to type. Then, another few weeks on end. To those who sparsely read, I shall continue to promise remedy of this situation - but I will try to promise little and prove out much with actions.

So what is there to say? The weather is getting better here in Maryland, I have a new boss at work as the company changes course, and I'm feeling good because I just started to exercise more regularly again. Besides wanting to take off a few pounds for my upcoming wedding, I would like to gain a bit more energy to pick up my out-of-work pursuits that have fallen a bit by the wayside. But I shall get more into this in upcoming entries.

For now, I say hello goodbye - just like popping on and off of IM applications, I leave a message before going offline.