Wednesday, February 20, 2008


A normal person likely never reads any of the "fine print" for the product & services that she buys. Terms of condition, liabilities, obligations, indemnification, rights & permissions - these are all concepts that most of us unwittingly agree to when we click through a website or sign a waiver form for new merchandise.

Lucky for me that I get to spend some time occasionally drafting such agreements - and figuring out exactly what we sign up for without really knowing. Crazy stuff, to be sure, these contracts. All I can say is think twice before you sign off or click through the next legalese - you might not realize what you have just done!

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Nothing Really

So this is what life is like on the other side. As a single guy, I had the time. It was always there. Yeah, I was busy - but it was my time. Work out? Done. Go out to eat? Fine. Fly to Chicago for the weekend? Sure, why not. A quick jot to the blog? Ok, can do it before dinner.

The situation now is a bit different. I have a real job. I am married. I have a house. Somewhat unlike my prior days where I traveled around with a consulting job (read: did not seem like a real job). Of course, I was single (read: self-sufficiency, no?). I lived out of a suitcase (read: not much "responsibility", just a rent check here and there). The world was my oyster, sometimes with a seat in first-class thanks to the air miles.

I think of this transition for a moment, just trying to throw up a blog entry to get on the board. Because many days I just run out of time and frankly, do not have the energy to make some noise. Nothing really, except that the world has changed - and that darn song "Cats in the Cradle" rumbles in the back of my brain...