Wednesday, July 16, 2003

Quickly now leave the office

It seems that the day just rips along like a motorcycle race; somedays, I just pause at 7:30pm and think what exactly I did for the day. Perhaps it is because my job does not feel particularly useful at this point in time, so progress does not translate into satisfaction, only consumed hours. My only reprieve is spouting some written drivel before I go home from work - which is when I am writing this little puffery.
So it begs the question - what exactly did I do today? There was a lot of wasted time, but it was wasted because I was not motivated. I was not motivated because I was tired (and not quite passionate about what I am doing), so I was slow in finishing what I needed to finish. And the internet is a great distraction. Now, I am listening to Belle & Sebastian for a little angst.
That pretty much sums it up. Oh yeah, and I talked to my team, had a meeting with some Marketing folks, reviewed two documents thoroughly with some revisions, uploaded 6-7 photo albums online, helped an old neighbor try to get a job, wrote this puffery, listed some action items, defined some stakeholders for the project on which I am working, thought about several topics somewhat intensively to develop some concepts, and generally brainstormed.
Perhaps this is the problem - I feel useless because I am being creative, but my creativity is consumed by a work project that will have some interesting results but lack of importance in my mind. Not that my co-workers see it that way, neither my managers who salivate for selling this or that, or having some power or another. I, on the other hand, have little invested in it, which makes it less stressful but less fulfilling at the same time.
So there you go - that is work for you. That is 7:30pm for you. That is fatigue for you. That is Belle & Sebastian for you. That is writer's puffery for you. It is time for me to go home for the day.
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