Tuesday, October 14, 2003

Tired of the computer screen

For some reason, I have become bothered at work. I have slight sensation of the keyboard, and my fingers run over keys that lead me off documents and into the greater web, looking for news that does not interest me. I jump to the New York Times page, then the Economist, perhaps over to my own sites, and perhaps over to bbc or FT. The day passes, sun crowns the sky and arcs back down, and I wonder what happened during the day.
If I use today as example, I completed a couple-slide presentation that required a sift through a diagram-ladened document, researched a website to download a zip file that I hardly reviewed to send to a colleague that I don't know who was asking for help on research topics of which I have no information. This was referenced by another colleague who asks me to assist on various analysis topics; she gets lazy now and just sends others my way as well, not bothering to get grounded in topics before contacting me. Still, I help them out.
Now, the day is almost done, and I feel that I have not accomplished anything of substance. And was I productive? More than likely, yes, but I have no idea in my state of malaise. I lack motivation. So, I am sitting here, trying to spur myself to activity on a list of random "action items" (could this be the problem - working on a disconnected set of activities that do not together add up to something of substance?) and wrapping up the day blubbering into the blog.
Such is life - I am tired of the computer screen.
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