Tuesday, December 09, 2003

Finding Comfort

Comfort cannot find me now
Across different states that have no boundary
To the spirit of a country which prowls
Commercial life and constant industry.
Prosperity cannot chase the feeling
Ebullient that work is proper, free,
Normal, strangely healing,
Human ambition to be
Bought and sold with coins and bills,
Other barter, steel, cars, and pills,
Stocks and flows, bonds and escrows -
All to bring comfort near,
Scant that I may have found here.
Cattle ranch and open prairie roam,
This state of wander is not home
To the spirit of other fates,
Perhaps other ancestors of days past,
Toting belongings in boxes and crates
Across seas, yearning gold pavement, fast
Approach another world full of all things -
Prosperity, hope, opportunity
Of a life open again to bring
These things respectfully.
All grand things except comfort,
Elusive to the travelers who still dream -
I find myself searching still, support
Feelings of home where I go, where it may seem
Comfort can find me.
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