Thursday, February 26, 2004

Softly Steal the Night

Softly steal the night
Of dreams beyond sight,
Days brighter still to be
As yet to live so fully.
Here they stay, soon to go,
Passing branches, river's flow
To carry days away instead,
Lying silent in my bed.
Moonlit memory, wading barge,
Sheets and pillows act as charge
For reflection, silence, stare.
Contrast image clothes the chair
Marking room's corner, end
Of vista, corner's bend
Toward window's glare of park
Lights peeking in as lark
To sing such cresting limerick.
Dreams soon drown the prick
Of life's ambitions, dull
Hasten morning's full
Interpretation of room's last bastion.
Life and passion unfasten
Hopes and fears so plain -
Night's domain leaves much to gain.
Await anew the next found day
For all the dreams to dance and play.
But first they come, in all their might
To softly steal the night.
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