Sunday, November 06, 2005

Gorillas in the Mist

It's always fun to dance with a gorilla. Preferably when you are in London for Guy Fawkes Day. For the record, gorillas and Guy Fawkes Day don't go together - unless you happen to think that conspirators should be considered gorillas. Which I hope not because you would be missing the fun of a breakdancing gorilla at a house party in Clapham (near Battersea Park) after the customary fireworks presentation earlier in the evening.

Luckily for the monarchy, Guy Fawkes and fellow conspirators were caught before they were able to create anarchy within the kingdom with their plot to blow up the Parliament. The fireworks and burning in effigy are the British way to cleanse the impure thoughts of such an act - cathartic on a beautiful night with fireworks synchronized to music south of London Victoria Station. So, in such moments of purity, it is only natural to lurk with gorillas in the mist, who can re-awaken the soul on a cool London night.
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