Sunday, December 18, 2005

A Year at IMD

So that was it - a year of blood & guts ends with an MBA degree and a band of merry friends to wish me on my way into a new world and a new life. From January through November, I was immersed in a world unlike any other along Lac Leman in the "pressure cooker" of business schools, IMD. As the year in diary entries comes to an end, I celebrate its finish with a culminating index of links to all the entries that made up this year and this experience. Just browsing the titles stirs up memories that have already started to nettle into the recesses of my mind, memories that linger there like dew drops on fresh morning grass. In the sweetness of those moments that feel like dawn, I reminisce and think fondly to the days when I was in so much pain before. Somehow, it is much more bearable now - I guess memories wear rose-colored instead of black-colored glasses. And just like that, I am lost in a sea of memories that is a year at IMD...
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