Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Get out to vote

Today is primary day in the United States, the day when candidates are selected to represent their parties in the election day on the first tuesday in November. Since this is what is called a mid-term election - ie. the interim period between presidential elections - the campaign activity is much more subdued. This is the time when certain senate seats get vacated, some politicians retire, and others look to run for school board or county executive. Don't tell these local and state politicians that this off-cycle election is not important - the results directly impact their livelihood for the next couple of years.
Perhaps my post is mundane in mentioning the news for today; after all, these are politicians of minimal importance globally and voter turn-out will likely reflect that thought; 25-30% voter turn-out would be considered normal. But I think there is something important about getting involved in the political process, even at the most basic level of participation. Voting is essential to sharing the voice of the public so that politicians do better reflect what the public wants in terms of government services and public policy. Ideal, I know - but so are thoughts of freedom and democracy. And the path forward to support such a system requires people to make their voice heard and get out to vote.
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