Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Creative Waves

I notice over time that my creativity waxes and wanes like an ocean current. Over the course of a month, I might have some tsunamis of prolific creativity - and at other times, desert expanses of scarce output. In between, the swirling swells of creativity dart and dash to either power up or power down.... completely.

There seems to be no sense of balance to art; rather, it is this extremes of Mt. Everest peaks and Grand Canyon valleys that define the creative process. It is the method behind the madness, perhaps - but madness all the same.

My jagged consistency of writings at this site is a testament to this thought; tracing some of my output over the last three years suggests a proliferation of entries one week, a dearth for the next month, followed by fits and starts of writing clusters and silence. All I'm trying to do is get some consistency, but that simple goal is ellusive.

So, here I am, trying to shake a groundswell to get me started again. Just a few creative waves, and the sessions should surely follow.
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