Tuesday, February 20, 2007

No Better Time than the Present

Funny the circuitous route that one takes with a few idle minutes online. In one instant, I was researching online companies and the next I was deep in a Google web search for my name. That's ultimately how I ended up writing this blog entry, a full three weeks since the last entry.

My lack of creative output is what happens when there are a million things to do at once - scatterbrained execution and lack of follow-through. It would be no surprise to say that there is no better time than the present to try something new/different/better - I've said the same thing a hundred different ways before - but what comes of that approach?
What comes of the approach is likely a fresh feeling of openness results from such a mindset; that seems to be the end-result of other personal nudges to turn over a new page and get back to meaningful work. For a bit of inspiration, I decided to do another Google search for what "no better time than the present" turned up in images. It turns out that the idea of fresh starts and sense of immediacy is much greater than myself. The top images were essentially ones that depicted music and the world - that is to say, our collective existence and its captured heartbeat.
So now that I am plugged back in to what this world seems to be, I can work again on channeling my energy towards lasting results. At least until the next time that I spur some kind of energy towards the next start. No better time than the present, they say - amen and amen and amen all over to that.
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