Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Better Late Than Never

Happy New Year! (a poem to Wendy)
As January ends, outside is windy
I'm leaving the office, and blog is empty
For this year's entries, this is the first -
Of all the droughts, this might be worst
Of sparse words and spells of creativity.
Much as there is to praise, I can't complain
Of the life that now occupies my brain
In these winter days - and nights often too -
When work, life, and love make strange brew.
Happy birthday to my dad,
Lest I forget this as well
As I pack my things at hand
And reflect for trifle spell.
Enough of this, I shall resolve
To write more for hopes absolve
The state I'm in - all work and no play -
Dull boy I become is what some say.
A few thoughts, these, I make as mark
As a solemn pause to act as lark,
For this entry portends what must come -
Poetry and story should be in great sum!
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