Monday, March 17, 2008

Shopping Poems

SMS poems from my mobile phone on an afternoon shopping trip with my wife:

1: dressing room to think of sizes short and color tall - many racks of fabric creation with buttons and frills to try many on

2: waiting room to play with phone and witness body creations one at a time - this is anticipation and boredom

3: time for quick and happy thoughts, background music helps the mood with all the others browsing at a certain speed

4: success comes slowly but swiftly mood rises with success - shoes upon shoes ahead and more clothes to try for finding all exuberance

5: memory is short for the next piece but somehow related to all the retail cities of the world - remember london paris and rome all the same

6: looks like success, call the registers, ring the joy buy wait for more exuberant pieces please, anticipation and boredom still remain

7: clothes are becoming the mood and color matters much as music strums the emotion - remember the intention hidden for purchases

8: suddenly forgot the theme and filtered post-punk pop rhythms to toe taps and finger snaps as statuesque reveals her - the song now changes

9: forget the clothes and remember the mood - music color feeling anticipation boredom exuberance purchases connection repeat
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