Sunday, April 27, 2008

Another New Family Member

I have never been much of a dog person but that is nothing against dogs - I just have not been much of a pet person, period. Sure, there was the rabbit that I had in secondary school who mysteriously ran away in the middle of one sweltering summer night. And there were the cats that hung around my parent's house, first to catch rodents and then to amuse my siblings. But after moving out for college and going on my own, I had traveled alone without animal companionship. That is, of course, until I met wife-to-be who turned my pet-free world upside down.

Needless to say, my family has expanded - but it is not just the in-laws 10 minutes down the road. Last summer, three new family members moved in to the koi pond in our backyard, who somehow brought along a fourth. And when my wife started begging me for more life around the house, I finally gave in for one more - a particular Pomeranian pooch named Rose.

Having Rose around has been an initial shock to the system, but she has made herself at home hopping up and down the steps of the townhouse. And as I have gotten to know this sassy lassy a little bit more, she has started to grow on me. Although it is an adjustment having a new little one to take care of around the house, I think I might turn out to tolerate dogs more than I might have cared to admit. But I think it is just Rose and the way that she cocks her head when looking at me to melt my resolve.

So, we have another new family member, and it looks like my world will be pet-free no more.
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