Monday, October 31, 2011

Making Magic in the Day Planner

Seeing as more time has elapsed since the last time that I blogged something, I decided to peek into what is happening in my day-to-day life in effort to squeeze in a bit of writing.  Here is what I found:
  • I'm working an average of 55 hours per work, according to the handy-dandy timesheets I am constructing at Paymo.  Mind you, this is actual working time, which means closer to 70-80 hour work weeks
  • Working is most of what I'm doing these days, besides being as good a husband and doggy daddy as I can be.  Basically cranking, as they call it, which means something different to me after reading this piece from Merlin Mann at 43folders
This has to change.  So, on a Sunday evening, I decided to pivot (another one of those words they use).  Let's start with the given - 1,440.  That's the number of minutes that I have every day to do things as well as sleep.  Same as anyone else, I suppose.

Instead of just cranking, I want to encompass a fuller set of things:
  • To laugh and love
  • To sweat and sing
  • To discover and have discomfort
  • To crank (yes, still want to do it) and be creative
These things can all live together in their own way, with a little bit of "zzz's" sprinkled in to allow the whole cycle to repeat.  It seems easy enough - now I just need to animate the old day planner with the right spirit to make it so.
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