Wednesday, January 11, 2012

100 Entries

New Year’s 2012 has come and gone. All the resolutions have been cast, and the rituals of starting anew have started to bear their initial fruit. For some, the resolutions have already been cast aside, but that’s not the point – renewal is the thing. And so, with the same feeling of renewal, I return to the blog with the hope of jump-starting a more regular writing schedule.
I have to admit that it can seem daunting, considering my past attempts. Every so often, I gain a spark of inspiration and run with it to produce a string of thoughts that get my creative juices. Then, the spark fizzles. I am left with aspirations unfulfilled, filled again by my domestic life and work life, both of which are highly rewarding and all-consuming.
Yet, there is something more, and so I yearn to discover it this year. It will be a turning point for myself – as every year is, after all – and I look forward to pursue more than career. The goal is 100 entries, and this is the first.

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