Friday, April 19, 2013

The Napoli

Nespresso Napoli - it goes to 11
The cup looks innocent enough. On a quintessential Spring afternoon, I fired up the Nespresso machine to try out a new pod that arrived at my doorstep this morning - the Napoli.  Limited edition cru, it is a Marketing event in a pocket-sized cylinder that screams buy me and try me now.

So I did.  I popped the pod into the machine and let the commercial-grade pump do its work to force a bolt of steaming hot water through the tiny pierced opening poked in the pod by the machine; as usual, it created that just-right crema-topped single shot of espresso.

Lingering over the cup on an afternoon that would be better spent outside, I reflected on that tiny moment, waiting for transportation to another place. I remembered the Nespresso commercials with Penelope Cruz, which embodied the branding and experience for which Nestle was aiming.  Then I thought of Spinal Tap, and the classic 11 scene. Since this espresso registered 11 on the 10-point intensity scale.

Perhaps I was tired and not quite in the moment - too many work presentations under tight deadlines can do that to you - but I was not fully transported.  Halfway. I'm hoping Friday will get me the other half of the way there. By then, I will be ready for my next Napoli, which was fantastic after all.
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