Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Checking In

136 days since the last time that I posted something to this blog. I've been busy, I suppose - all of us are busy living to varying degrees. Figured it was time to check in and leave a note, a reminder of sorts to get on with more public writing.

I've been writing quite a bit, more journaling than blogging. 110 posts to be exact since I started journaling more actively back in early April this year. I've discovered the joys of Evernote and connected notebooks, which keep this well organized with all my other work and personal projects, notes, web clippings, poems, and other things. I've also been working like crazy, as usual, to fulfill career aspirations that started to take shape way back in 2006 (time flies!). Somehow, I missed summertime, since we just passed the first day of Fall. Somehow, all these things conspired to make it ripe for checking in today.

There you go - that's how time moves. Seasons change, and every day is precious - these words are reminder enough. More to come in less than 136 days!
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