Thursday, August 03, 2006

Another Day in the Books

The business world is literally highjacked with metaphors and expressions, something that seems wholly unique to the white-collar office environment. I cannot speak for all environments - factory, school, home, and "out" - but I can speak for offices in which I have worked that have "put lipstick on the pig", "played hardball", "played the field", "stuck to the knitting", and other such expressions that allude my memory in the moment. No worries - the other laundry bin of quotables will come to me and others in a meeting when the proper moment arises - and everyone agrees to the right usage. There is hardly ever debate as to this point, only proper usage - and an alien tongue to those who may not have experienced the phenomenon.
I quickly ponder over this thought as I pack up my computer for the day. I saw a picture of a pig putting on lipstick that prompted the thought. Another day in the books leaves this comment lurking in my mind and the office culture that supports it.
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