Wednesday, August 02, 2006

In the Moment

The mundane of the every day is often fertile ground for artists to mine for either surreal re-interpretation or worship through an idealization of the common form. Case in point - I was flipping through some of the older photos I had on my hard drive in order to organize and archive them. I came across a few pictures from 2003 that I took in Australia that showed a coffee cup sitting solitary on the table, with a spinning camera giving motion to the saucer on which it sat. With the blur of the surrounding table and setting, the cup sits poised and extraordinary, with a slight residue of fine coffee beans and candied sugar on the bottom. Perhaps I have gone too far to describe something so simple as a finished cup of coffee, but I still remember that moment at the cafe' where the picture was taken; sitting with friends, there was a lull in conversation. At that point, I looked at the cup and realized the beauty in the experience that lasted only as brief as it took for me to whirl out my camera and snap a photo.
Alas, that moment and the experiences that followed were profound and lasting; all I have left for today is that photo to link back to an abundance of memories. In the moment, there is so much more waiting for discovery than we give attention to realize.
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