Saturday, November 11, 2006

Commemorating Veteran's Day

It was an incredibly beautiful afternoon in DC, so it was only fitting - and absolutely vital - to go into the city and enjoy the day. Poignant, as it was, to visit on this day - Veteran's Day, a holiday which remembers the brave servicepeople that have given their time to the US Army, Navy, Marines, and Coast Guard. In these turbulent times when the US finds itself planted in many different theaters (as the military calls them) in many different operations, it is worthwhile to remember the sacrifices that some people make on behalf of others. It is the servicepeople who bear the brunt of decisions made by patricians of another color - be it blue or red - that pay the price for the virtues (and sins) of our country. I took this picture-perfect afternoon to remember those people caught in the shuffle and found it to be an afternoon well spent (pictures at this link).

[In honoring the US serviceperson, I also offer this blog entry, which has a first-hand take of what "the average US fighting man" is about today]
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