Thursday, November 02, 2006

Email avalanche

Email is the bane of my existence. Of all the various items that come at me during the day, it is that impervious pile of email that seems to be the last thing remaining by the time that I am ready to go home from work or log off my personal computer. Newsletters, flyers, announcements, e-cards, and junk mail to sift through, it is enough to send me batty. And that is before you get to friend emails, those wonderful gems with actual substance that lurk in the mix. Before you know it, you get caught up just cleaning out the junk in the inbox and don't have time to polish the gems, a pitiful state, indeed!

Oh bother - I hope my friends understand that I will get back to them as soon I can clear a path to wander into my inbox. If you are waiting for a reply for me, I'm sorry! I'll get back once I get that email avalanche under control.
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