Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Catching up Midstream

A couple of weeks pass before the dust settles - and only a moment before that proverbial dust gets kicked up again. In that moment, I find myself jotting myself a blog reminder note that my creativity is channeling into more mundane work instead of fantasy worlds and character arcs. Oh bother.

Still, there is something vigorous and life-affirming about being busy. Maybe it is the fact that life validates itself when one is in motion; if there is not much save listlessness and inactivity, the concept of living loses its luster. Not to mention the way that time passes when activities fill the day. Finding balance between industry and creativity would be better, but I'm not going to complain with the vibrancy of the past couple of weeks.

Errands related to weddings. A work trip to San Diego. Visits with some old friends around southern California. A whole bunch of gardening (imagine me the lumberjack!). Dinner parties, phone calls, and a precious few hours of sleep. These are the things that make up the weeks. So there you go, absence briefly encapsulated before the next business meeting, catching up midstream.
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