Friday, June 01, 2007

June to June

Google can waste your time. Case in point: I was noodling in my mind the idea of writing a short blog entry to encapsulate the feeling I have here on a Friday morning - pithy, oh so pithy - and I searched for an image to describe this feeling. Voila' - I'm transported into a blog that chronicled the trials and tribulations of last year's World Cup from the perspective of a couple of fans who witnessed the spectacle from the comfort of well-established UK media channels (BBC, who provided the image here of the Italy-Australia match last year, ITV, etc.).

Instantly, I am transported back to last June. Newly arrived in DC (well, almost, but stay with me here), I was settling in to an apartment near my "soon-to-be-but-never-fully-realized-that-I-would-be-so-lucky-that-she-might-later-become-my-wife" girlfriend. I was settling in to a job that started to make sense after 6 months (I'm not quite there yet - and now another year on! - but that is another topic), and I was preparing for some big upcoming events: my first trip to China and the wildly anticipated World Cup. June to June, I'm engaged (my dreams came true!), I bought a townhouse with my fiancee' (the bills take my breath away!), I'm in a new position in the company (same thing with a different title!), and I'm generally realizing that I have become a full-fledged adult.

Stay with me, my mind keeps wandering. It seems that adult life is relatively more boring. Gardening! Laundry! Running errands! Falling asleep on the couch! (exclamation points added for effect). But in the grand scheme of life and events, the rhythm feels just about right. And of course, there are always the memories, in this case captured sparsely in the blog archive from June 2006. Bouncing back and forth from past to present, I'm enjoying a moment of revelry that wanders between and around moments of joy and exasperation; taking the philosophy of enjoying life and the wonders of this world before life moves on to the next big thing has given me this luxury. And now that I have wasted enough time, I'll snap back to the task at hand by answering the ringing phone on my desk.
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