Sunday, August 19, 2007


There is nothing like a pressing deadline to get the blood pumping. One just moves along without a care until a date is associated with an activity, and then the thrashing begins. What have I left to do? What really needs to happen? Who is going to do these things still remaining? And what I have gotten myself into anyway?

These days, I know all about deadlines of the personal and professional variety. Important presentations and big events, these are coming quick in the coming days, with associated pomp and circumstance. And it seems, at least for me, that the pomp and circumstance is getting more and more involved. I used to be able to meet my commitments with a bushel of email inquiries and a few hours of online research, but now that is only background towards reaching real progress. Could this be the true mark of an adult life coming on?

Perhaps so, but the fact of the matter does not change - deadlines regardless of magnitude are all around and bring about the swiftest of change. Because once deadlines are met, the world reveals itself anew to what deadlines were meant to encourage - a reality conceived by an activity's full completion. Now if only I could meet deadlines with a lower heart rate!
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