Sunday, November 04, 2007

Down Home Sunday Afternoon

Very few moments can command the pleasure like a down home Sunday afternoon. As I type, I have a number of thank-you cards scattered about me and am looking out to our freshly-manicured backyard. It has been a busy few months with the wedding, honeymoon, and time-consuming business deals at work, but now Wendy & I are stepping back into blissful domestic life. What does that mean? Trips to Home Depot, The Container Store, Staples, Giant groceries, Barnes & Noble (another book doesn't hurt, right?), and driving around. Rationalizing bank accounts. Cleaning out the garage. Making the home office more functional. Paying off various debts. Writing thank-you notes for wedding presents. Selecting photos for the wedding album. Getting ready for the holidays.

So much to celebrate - and nothing like the present to jump in to the mundane of homemaking. And this is the best part of having a down home Sunday afternoon - all the time in the world to make that blissful domestic life happen.
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