Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Remembering Disney via SMS

It's been a few months since my trip to Disney with Wendy, and I was remembering all those wonderful memories. What got me was the list of text messages that I sent myself to remember where we parked during the days. Here it goes:

+ Journey 9 back under the first tram pole
+ tb1 - self park
+ Pluto 16 almost at the end of the road
+ Amaze 31 - right near the front
+ Dinosaur 30 - first row, about 35 cars down
+ Film 33
+ Pluto 21 near the front!
+ Dinosaur 34 - about 20 cars down
+ Happy 87 - bleh, it's 8 cars in from the center

It's all coming back - where magic lives and where dreams come true as Disney would say!
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