Thursday, July 24, 2008

Upon Reading Letters from Younger Days

What words are used to describe the thoughts that no longer come,
Ideas of a prior life that once was brimming with angst and some

Ideals chased for the sake of love and beauty.

Now the same things trend towards duty

Of commitment and relationship, career,

Tending home, animals, finances, debts in arrears,

Promises replaced by practicalities,

Hopes supplanted by fears,

Balance subtracted by the same things that gave life instead.

What I ponder and somehow dread,

That memories chase me like ghosts,

Same fears that act as hosts

For what captures hopes and turns the scene

About what life can mean

When “settling down” means more than settling

And “taking stock” means more than stock taking.

Here it goes, as will suffice,

A soundtrack earned at great price

Of melody swift through dreams

Risen like phoenix from youth, seems

So far away to the extent reachable,

Today unthinkable,

Tomorrow even further from the march

Of time immemorial, away from harsh

Frame of what inspired these words anyway -

Letters from younger days packed away.
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