Thursday, October 23, 2008

Autumn Chill

I am in a wandering mindset these days, with the amount of work projects and random personal tasks that clutter my brain. At the same time, I sense better days coming. Perhaps it is the autumn chill that has suddenly fallen across Maryland and the portending of a winter close at hand. Halloween is nearby, which means the end-of-year holiday season is ready to start up again (Halloween to Thanksgiving to Hanukah/Christmas to New Year's). I wonder what has happened to the months in between, my one-year wedding anniversary celebrated on a whim in Ohio, and the submerge that my that current job position has placed me under.

Maybe less thought is needed to decipher this mood, as the onset of autumn chill is as good a cause as any for this state of mind. Alas, I will shake that half-numb feeling in my toes, a clear suggestion that the house is noticeably cooler than even a few days ago.
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