Saturday, October 25, 2008

Rainy Day

The house is quiet, I am typing away with the patter of rain providing rhythmic backdropping to the pinging of keys. I am revising my resume for the first time in almost 3 years, just because it is a good time to take stock in. No worries on my mind, just enjoying the low murmur and quiet.

I suppose a rainy day can provide the backdrop for silent repose, I am not sure why such days get that sort of association. The point is less important than the repose that I am getting after one-day trips this week to New Jersey and Charlotte and late nights on presentations in between. Perhaps a rainy day is the best I could hope for to force a slowdown and gain some recharge time.

Finally, I suppose this recharge time provides a good opportunity to revisit the more creative parts of my brain which have seemingly gone dormant in the last few months. I shall resuscitate as necessary to balance the massive hours that are currently consumed by work pursuits. All these thoughts hold together simply to cause me procrastination from finishing this revised resume, and I guess it is now time to get on with it. Back to other thoughts, back to this rainy day.
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