Tuesday, January 06, 2009

A Fresh Start

2009 is upon us.

The holiday decorations have come down - save our tree, which will find its hibernating spot this upcoming weekend.

The college football bowl games have all been played - save the mythical national championship game, which is nothing more than an ESPN orgy of soundbytes and commercials.

The work pace has quickened with the start of a new year - save no one, incidentally, with barely complaint due to thankfulness for gainful employment by those still in good jobs.

There is nothing left to do except remember what resolutions presented themselves to my psyche. Ah yes, the typical ones - health, well-being, fortune, and good luck. The work ones - yearly priorities and commitments for the boss, in writing. The highly personal ones - some not realized until deep in the throes of a peaceful slumber.

All these endings and beginnings are a natural part of life. It reminds me of the class that ended my MBA experience in Switzerland, taught by a certain Professor Kohlrieser who said something that has stuck with me ever since: "If you are not doing something today that does not make you feel uncomfortable, you are not challenging yourself and growing as a person."

Here I am at the beginning a new year, ready for what this year might bring and what it might entail. A fresh start, and I am ready to engage, onward from this entry...

p.s. - thanks for some sunshine from those out there who are thoughtful to check in - small blurbs from friends make splendid surprises any day of the week.
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