Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Spring Cleaning (better late than never)

Memorial Day weekend came and went like the thunderstorms that rumbled on Sunday evening here in the DC area. I thought that a three-day weekend would be just the cure for a crazy-busy schedule the past month (work projects blowing up all over the mainstream news, wedding planning, homeownership nicks & nacks, getting my personal affairs in order, travels, and stealing a moment for reflection), but it turned out that the only salvation was that the next weekend was now only 4 days away. Oh yeah, and a great friend was going to be in town in the upcoming week but that is the topic of another post.

Still, I tried to make the best of the extra out-of-work time - which got funneled right back into homeowner activities (and what else does a homeowner do except spend free time keeping up with whatever is going on around and inside the home?). To be more specific, I took to cleaning up the "jungle", Wendy's vividly wonderful description of our backyard's overgrowth. Imagine that, homeowners - leave some space to its own devices for a few years (I got word that the previous owner took very little pains to tidy up the smallish patch out back) and see what happens to the plant life. On hands and knees for the better part of a jam-packed morning, I worked through a wide swath of land (or so it seemed), pulling up all sorts of vegetation that seemed to grow out of any piece of land that it could muster. By the time I was done, I was two trips to Home Depot away from even getting close to something that passed as a job well done; I spent the better part of the next two days running all sorts of errands to get those supplies which strangely never match the needs of the jobs at hand. Looking back over the efforts, though, I can claim pride on the fact that our pride & joy backyard rose bush got some much-needed water and sprouted a bunch of new buds all over its mass along one of the fences.

I digress too much into the specifics of Memorial Weekend activities - I'm happy that just a small part of my "honey-do" list got cleared. A few months late, to be sure, but I'm slowly getting caught up on spring cleaning (better late than never).
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