Thursday, May 17, 2007

All Stacked Up

I just got back in the office from a quick trip to my company's headquarters, and the voicemail messages were already piling up. Not to mention the action items in my notebook, the task list on my computer, which is only halfway processed from the even fuller email inbox. It seems that as much as one day gets me up to speed, the next day knocks me back down to size. And that size is very, very small.

Such is life, I suppose. I am trying to do a better job of handling all this activity, so I am midstream in hoisting up a process to funnel this work activity through my calendar. I have to do that, lest my family and friends think I would have disappeared from the planet (and some already do - I'm still here folks!) - not to mention my smallish backyard with vacant pond (koi missing, taking new applicants) that is overgrowing its boundaries. Good thing I have great family, friends, and neighbors - as well as employers - who are fairly understanding, lest they all evict me from this hectic life and throw me to the proverbial curb.

I'm hanging in there, I guess. It's just that I'm all stacked up across the board, and change does not appear imminent.
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