Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Summer is Here to Stay (for a few months at least)

Finally, the weather is starting to turn. After several funky months of start-again, stop-again weather spells, it appears that Mother Nature is done with her spring cleaning and is ready to turn up the heat. Temperatures are just starting to nudge over 80 degrees farenheit with a run akin to the up-and-up record-setting pace on Wall Street. By the time the weekend rolls around, the garden hose will become an essential daily accessory upon returning home from work.

I have some melodies floating in my mind from old-time musicals, and they seem to accurately paint the mood - people are generally happy and excitement is carrying folks to their after-work plans. The days of hot, lazy afternoons are immimently here, and summer is here to stay (for a few months at least).
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