Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Papers, Papers Everywhere

I cannot seem to get out from under it. I look to my left - an inbox brimming with all sorts of presentations, leaflets, magazines, and binders lining up against the wall . I look to my right - a desktop screen cluttered with a Microsoft Office explosion of Powerpoint, Word, Excel, and a straggling Access file in there. I look down - the file drawers are organized, thank goodness, but should hold more of what I see to my left. And sitting on the table, those stacks of Red Herring magazines and various industry pamphlets that update everything from Japanese innovation to US Barnum & Bailey convention promotions.

I sit in the middle of this, figuring out where to start in getting organized again. This is a monthly ritual, it seems - run like heck to stay just one step ahead as the crash of all this activity hangs imminently in the balance of what can practically fit in the inbox. Then, right before IT turns off the email and the inbox falls over, I catch it all and file it away. Until the next month at least.

I'll thank Coleridge for the send-off: "Papers, paper everywhere, cause all inboxes to overpile; papers, papers everywhere, nor any a minute to file"
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