Tuesday, November 08, 2011

Growing Up

3 months

Time passes in subtle yet dramatic ways.  I still remember the first days of meeting my godson, when he was first born in San Francisco.  For me, it was the days of carefree living, a lot of travel and more wonder about the future portends of love, work, and adventures.  For him, it was the wonders of life itself.

If I fast forward almost a decade, there is more clarity than what transpired in those days.  Love is more certain.  Work is better defined.  Which make adventures less ambiguous.  But how time etches certain marks on life.  10 years can be a very long time, but not so long after all.  And in the eyes of a child, it is almost the scale of growing up.  I will be curious to measure the next decade and what will come of today's pursuits - mobile wallets for me, acting for him.  And with reflection of such time passing, I will be curious as to what others cities we will traverse and what other accomplishments we will achieve.  For the moment, I am contented that we have our time in NYC, only a short train ride away.
9.5 years

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