Wednesday, November 02, 2011


In NYC this evening.  Looking out the window of the Helmsley Hotel on 42nd Street, I am 38 floors above the barreling taxis and rushing cars.  From up here, they move in a more measured pace, suggesting a faint order to this chaotic city.  I can feel the energy, though, when I combine the traffic pacing below with the computer monitors blaring above in the building straight across, office workers still toiling on some project or task.  At the same time, I am video chatting with Wendy, and I can see our dog in the background of her image feed; we can hear the sirens passing on the street below, accompaniment to the sound of our chatter.  We are working together tonight before I head out to dinner with friends; dinner at nine, the day is not over yet. 

This is life in the modern world, and as I shoot off this post, I am inspired.
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