Thursday, May 18, 2006


As a business manager that has spent quite a bit of time working in consulting and strategy, it is only appropriate that I wax poetically on Microsoft Powerpoint. It seems that every day of my working life, I find myself launching this inocuous program with the orange icon in the corner containing the cut-out circle graph and bullet point lines (most people don't even take a hard look at the icon!). I cannot call myself a Microsoft evangelist, but I can call myself a Powerpoint junkie. Moving lines across the screen. Opening new text boxes. Forming graphics. Framing bullet points. Underline. Bold. Italic. Cut. Re-arrange slides. Storyboard. Insert images. Draw lines. Cut again. Storyboard? Quotes. Bold some more. Cut some more. Storyboard. Storyboard. Storyboard...

Ah, well - it is a trusted friend, for sure. I just needed a moment's break from building slides in order to gain my sanity again. Now, back to work - back to powerpoint!
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