Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Sneaking in some writing

I am in between meetings at work. I have a few minutes to spare. I have had a burning desire to release some words from my proverbial pen, but I have either been too tired, lazy, or busy to make time to do so. Funny how a year ago, I would have somehow found the time to make my words appear - thanks to my obligation to the IMD MBA diary. But now, I am only obligated to myself, my family & friends, and my work - and the story is very different.

So, I made time today to put fingers to keys and make some words happen. Even if it is only five minutes of such blathering. I hope that the future finds many more posts with many more interesting things to say than just this post about aligned obligations. It's a start, I suppose (but did I not say the same thing about a month ago???); alas, I have at least made a point in sneaking in some writing.
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