Saturday, October 06, 2007

Starting Down the Road...

After a beautiful honeymoon all over Europe (Barcelona, Venice, London, Paris), I have re-entered the "real world" with the requisite meetings, bills, gardening, and handiwork. Wendy started a new job, that just happens to be local (lucky me!), and we were left pondering the next big decision as a couple - how to survive with one car?

I hate to admit this, but we are an all-American couple. Meaning, one car for every driving-age adult (that seems to be the rule - check out traffic during rush hour!). That left us one car short for daily commutes. After briefly considering some non-American options (ie. carpooling or ride-sharing), we indulged in the trip down to the local car dealership.

What did we find? First, that a car-buying experience can actually be fun! First, we interacted with a chilled-out sales person. Second, we got a chance to test drive. Third, we got a great deal - and without painful haggling. We even got the interest change lowered just by asking (thanks Sun!).

So, an afternoon of test-driving, haggling, paperwork, and signatures, Wendy & I were starting down the road to a two-car life. And in case you are wondering, it is a Tango Red (yippee!) 2007 Honda CR-V EX, all-wheel drive, Wendy now standard option for me.
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