Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Stopping In with some Wedding Pictures

It's been awhile since I have jotted down an entry, and it will be another short spell until I have some proper time to reflect as I swim out from under a tidal wave of stacked-up work items, but it feels good to put fingers to keys and write something.

I figured a good place to get going again is with some wedding pictures, since Weddings Perfect, the photography studio we hired for our wedding, has been able to post the collection of photos from the engagement sitting as well as the ceremony & reception. So without further ado:

Here is the link to the wedding photos
You will need to enter the event code on the left-hand side of the page as "wendy"

Frankly, I was quite happy with how the pictures turned out; Carroll, our photographer at the event, was all over the place and captured so many moments, I wonder if he was really a set of twins that tag-teamed to get in on all the action. In any case, the pictures are posted for a bit of reminiscing & recollection:

Wendy getting ready & the actual ceremony (link)

Post-ceremony professional photos (link)

Reception fun (link)

Back in a bit with some more thoughts and memories!
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