Sunday, September 02, 2012

Five Years Worthy

Nothing better than a Bellini while watching the Regatta
Marriage can be hard work.  Which is why I feel so blessed for the relationship with my wife.  And which is why our five-year anniversary required a journey befitting of the wonderful places we have been over the years.  It started on safari but finished in a city which marked the best part of our honeymoon - Venice.

Our anniversary also coincided with the biggest day on the Venetian calendar - Regatta Storica - which also coincided with the biggest annual international event in the city - Venice Film Festival.  We celebrated both in between passeggiate around the city, a lovely place for impromptu sights and rediscovering the sounds of city life before the over-run of the automobile.  A fantastic day to celebrate five years worthy of the occasion.

Italians know glamour at their marquee film festival

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