Sunday, September 16, 2012

Sunday morning

Richard Ashcroft is strumming an acoustic version of his "Song for the Lovers" in the background.  I'm jotting a few lines as I edit some photos from a trip to Venice; we stopped through northeast Italy on the way back from South Africa, as anywhere is on the way back from the bottom of Africa when one is traversing back to North America.  This is a good time to reflect quietly before regrouping for another work week.

It was a nice afternoon and evening in DC yesterday, as we wandered to the newly filtered reflecting pool between the Lincoln Memorial and the WWII memorial.  We circled past the solitary and controversial WWI memorial (it technically only memorializes - and was only paid for by - DC residents who fought in the Great War but has been part of a tug-of-war around creating a national memorial for all who participated in the Great War on/around the Mall) before heading to Penn Quarter for a wonderful assortment of mezze at Zaytinya.  

This all makes sense on a Sunday morning, where I can savor a Saturday well spent and the last half of a good pause between busy agendas of meetings, emails, tasks, and documents.

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