Thursday, March 07, 2013

Jury Duty

My wife has jury duty this week.  Not just the court summons but a jury selection and trial case that has ended up consuming the week.  As of 10pm on a Thursday, my wife is finally home after a lengthy deliberation that has not reached conclusion; she will have to return to the courthouse on Friday.  Without knowing the details (she is sworn to secrecy in her service), this case seems headed for a mistrial.  Unless something crazy happens (makes me think of the movie Twelve Angry Men).

How this case turns out, it has been a frustrating yet instructive experience for all involved.  No doubt the plaintiff and defendant but also the jury and even, in this case, Ruby and myself.  We will be happy when this week is over and jury duty comes to a close.  Then, we can return to "normal" family life.
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