Friday, March 29, 2013


How words feel to me, courtesy of onestopenglish
Words fascinate me.

As a child, I would dream of writing the perfect sentence, later embellishing phrases with verbal delights.  These tendencies later turned into verbosities, as I started to master more words. 

Latin helped - I practiced the "dead language" in high school.  Studying Italian helped some more, a noble pursuit in college.  I've won "awards" from peers along the way for using dense terminology and profundities, most of which proliferated in passages which consumed a collection of journals now stacked in the closet (work and digital publishing has significantly decreased my output via paper).

Words are important as they convey to others what we think and feel.  To me, words are like breathing. I find words impactful, fleeting, exacting, and triumphant. Words are also intoxicating - I need to control their use, lest I became mired in their convolution and density when interacting with others. Ultimately, it is the communication, understanding, and meaning that matters - not the vocabulary.
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