Friday, January 10, 2014

In the Shadows

Shadows in front of the White House on a bright, cold day
It's a new year, and I'm writing more. Not much that you will see on this blog - yet.

Mostly journaling in various formats.

I use Evernote, which works well considering I write on an iPad and Windows computers. I capture Instagram photos and Foursquare check-ins alongside fairly regular journal entries. 1,256 entries in my Journal notebook for 2013.

Most of the output is for me, fairly uninteresting except for the inner monologue I have with myself. I look for inspiration in whatever the day offers; usually, there are several things that catch my fancy. This rich history provides creative outlet when I don't have more time, energy, or focus to advance my craft. In the shadows, I am comfortable capturing moments that pass without attention, lurking for attention to create something more substantial.
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